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We invest in technology with the power to drive a disruptive change in the world.


We are an early-stage venture capital fund investing in founders with highly technological B2B software solutions, from Seed to Series A all across Europe, North America and Latam.

We have a deep understanding of technology

We are here to fuel your startup’s growth so we will help you bring your ideas to life (alongside your BP, of course). Our track record speaks for itself. We have succesfully developed and implemented technological solutions around the world, granting us a clear vision on how to make this happen and how to not make this happen too. We will pass on these insights to you, sparing you unncessary hurdles.sparing you unncessary hurdles.

We invest in verticals we understand

At GoHub Ventures we support startups using the latest technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Web3 for different sectors like Fintech, Insurtech, Climate Tech or Digital Health.

We trust your vision

We will equip you with the necessary tools, connections, know-how, and expertise to develop your business plan while keeping a very straightforward approach. We won’t tiptoe around delicate issues as our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, just as much as you do.

Whatever the place, we will build bridges to get you there

We are surrounded by enablers. A handpicked group of tech-leading professionals at your disposal ready to assist you in forging key partnerships, expanding into international markets, and providing deep insights into the world of technology, business and investment on a global scale.

A network beyond the venture capital world

As a fund originating from a corporate, we possess an extensive network that reaches far beyond the venture capital ecosystem. Our aim is to assist you in cultivating strong partnerships with other corporations to create synergies that not only benefit our own relationship but also add strategic value to your business.

We care about our planet too

We are concious about the importance of working towards a more sustainable future, firmly believing that technology is the cornerstone to build a better world. That is why we actively consider startups that align with this mindset.



Seed - Series A

Ticket Size

€1M - €4M


B2B Software


Eu, North America & Latam