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GoHub Ventures: Anatomy of a Rebranding

GoHub Ventures: Anatomy of a Rebranding

New year, new brand. If you’re reading this article or you’ve landed recently on our website scouting through our portfolio, you may have noticed a different look and feel. Yes, we’ve been through a rebranding (and we want you to know why)!


Rebranding: What is it?

Let’s start with a little bit of theory. Rebranding is the process of transforming your brand to express a new identity. This includes creating a new company logo, colors scheme, naming, slogan… but also calling into question other fundamentals of the business such as mission, vision, philosophy, etc.

A good practice when kicking off a rebranding is establishing once again all these ‘spiritual’ aspects of the company in order to envision a new identity, which will be expressed by tangibles such as the logo, copy’s and so on.

For this reformulation, many marketers recommend Carl Jung’s archetypes as an exercise to mirror your brand with different personalities created by the famous psychologist: The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage. See the example below for a better understanding and try the exercise for your own brand!

Brand Archetypes


Our Reasons for Rebranding

Companies, and this includes VCs of course, rebrand for different reasons. It could be as a result of a merger and acquisition, to get away from a reputation crisis, to catch massive attention… Think of X -former Twitter-, perhaps the reason for the change includes a little bit of these three motives.

That is not the case for GoHub Ventures rebranding. We want to set the beginning of a new era on our fund and to accomplish this we evolved our brand. Here are the key points behind GoHub Ventures rebranding:

  • We were born within the water utility company Global Omnium Group and this caused the impression that we were only interested in water-related solutions, especially when having a logo that included a drop… Today, we want to tell the world that GoHub Ventures invests in B2B software startups with highly technological and differential solutions that help optimization and automation of cross-cutting processes to any type of industry, from Seed to Series A, all across Europe, North America and Latam.

GoHub Ventures Logos

  • We want to situate entrepreneurs and founders at the very front of our success. They are the leading figures and the reason why we exist, that’s why GoHub Ventures’ culture revolves around the motto ‘We don’t change the world, our founders do’. We like to call ourselves the believers behind the believers because at some point we all needed someone to believe in us when nobody else did. That is the image we want to transmit to our founders.
  • A renovated compromise with sustainability in the best way we know, through innovation. It’s soon to jump into details, but we’re working on a new cutting-edge space located in Benicassim (Castellón, Spain) where technology, innovation and sustainability coexist. Plus, GoHub Ventures is also keeping an eye on new verticals such as Digital Health and Oceans.


Our Values

  • Tech-Savvy. We have successfully developed and implemented technological solutions around the world, granting us a clear vision on how to make this happen and how to not make this happen too. We will pass on these insights to you, sparing you unnecessary hurdles. 
  • Trustful. We will equip you with the necessary tools, connections, know-how, and expertise to develop your business plan while keeping a very straightforward approach. We won’t tiptoe around delicate issues as our ultimate goal is to see you succeed, just as much as you do. 
  • Connected. As a fund originating from a corporate, we built an extensive network that reaches far beyond the venture capital ecosystem. Our aim is to assist you in cultivating strong partnerships with other corporations to create synergies that not only benefit our own relationship but also add strategic value to your business. 
  • Committed. We are surrounded by enablers. A handpicked group of tech-leading professionals at your disposal ready to assist you in forging key partnerships, expanding into international markets, and providing deep insights into the world of technology, business and investment on a global scale.
  • Forward-Thinking. We support startups using the latest technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Web3 for different sectors like Fintech, Insurtech, Climate Tech and soon to come, Healthtech.
  • Sustainable. We are conscious about the importance of working towards a more sustainable future, firmly believing that technology is the cornerstone to build a better world. That is why we actively consider startups that align with this mindset.

And what a better way to usher in this new era and these new values than during our most special annual event, GoHub Ventures Founders Day? On October 25th, we gathered our portfolio startups and some investor friends at Masia Bellver for a catch up session where they got a scoop on GoHub Ventures rebranding and our redefined focus going forward.


Our Fund

GoHub Ventures Fund II -already regulated by CNMV authorities- is fueled with €60M aimed at investing in B2B SaaS startups with highly technological and differential solutions that help optimization and automation of cross-cutting processes to any type of industry. 

When deciding whether to invest or to not invest in a startup, we pay special attention to the team, the commercial traction and the founders’ vision.

Regarding size and location of the startup applicants, we consider companies from Seed to Series A, all across Europe, North America and Latam. 

We kindly invite you to have a look at our new brand website, discover our approach, portfolio and encourage you to get in touch!

Sara Sanjuan, Head of Marketing & Communicarions at GoHub Ventures
Jan 11 · 2024 Sara Sanjuan Head of Marketing & Comms