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We have digitized a traditional sector such as the water one is, but we are #NotOnlyWater.

Our power lies in our technology know-how. We invest in processes that drive industrial and economic digitalization.

We are looking for B2B deep tech startups to drive their rapid growth.

We look for

Deep Tech

We are on the lookout for the best B2B deep-tech startups offering disruptive solutions to anticipate the major challenges of the future.

Startups with unique solutions not only for water management, but also with agnostic technologies that can be deployed in different sectors for process automation and optimisation.

Our purpose

Our Purpose

Process automation

Cost optimization

Product innovation

ESG criteria

How we invest

How we invest



We offer up to €250K in Seed B2B SaaS startups


500K - 3M

We support mature startups that are redefining the boundaries of innovation

Corporate ecosystem

Corporate ecosystem


Top 5 water utilities
7 M clients
400 cities

Innovation& ventures

Pioneers in digital transformation
Experts in disruptive techs
Worldwide technological leaders

Venture Capital
Open Innovation Projects
€250K – €3M VC Growth



Our startups