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Agrow Analytics Secures €650,000 to Lead Water Footprint Compensation and Smart Irrigation

Agrow Analytics Secures €650,000 to Lead Water Footprint Compensation and Smart Irrigation

The Malaga-based startup Agrow Analytics has started 2024 by raising €650,000 in a seed round led by GoHub Ventures, Demium Capital and First Drop, which will allow the company to consolidate its precision technology focused on optimizing water use and reducing water footprint in agriculture. 

Agrow Analytics has developed a system that unifies all data related to irrigation and processes it together to automate accurate recommendations of where, when and how much to irrigate in advance. Thanks to these recommendations, the efficiency and real-time monitoring of producers’ water footprint is improved, allowing third-party corporations to compensate for their water footprint through these savings generated from the use of artificial intelligence, satellite images and IoT devices. 

The round, which will help in the company’s international expansion, reaffirms its commitment to sustainable agriculture, in a sector that is in full swing due to the needs of climate change and ESG regulations at the international level. 


First Water Footprint Compensation Contract in Europe

Since its creation in 2021, the startup led by Antonella Maggioni has experienced exponential growth, achieving significant milestones such as the EIT Food Water Scarcity award and the first water footprint compensation contract in Europe, which will allow large corporations to compensate their footprint through Agrow Analytics. 

In addition, the company has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies at the technological level, including the granting at the end of 2023 of a NEOTEC grant. 

The company has been consolidating its position as a leader in the Climate Tech sector and as a pioneer in the generation of water credits and compensation, guiding companies towards a Water Positive footprint and the restoration of river basins. 


€650,000 Seed Round to Boost Growth

The €650,000 seed round of investment in which the venture capital funds GoHub Ventures and First Drop, and the manager Demium Capital, have participated, will allow the startup to boost its growth. 

For its co-founder and CEO, Antonella Maggioni, the round “marks a milestone in our international expansion and in the continuous innovation in precision agriculture“, and she thanks “the support of GoHub Ventures, Demium Capital and First Drop in this exciting new stage“. 

The round comes at a key moment, as the number of companies required to submit sustainability reports under the EU Directive has increased fivefold, including the amount of water used in their operations, production processes or supply chains, and, associated with this, include details on efforts to control and reduce water consumption. 

In a context where currently 70% of the available freshwater is used in agriculture and it is estimated that global water demand will increase by 30% by 2030, holistic solutions are needed for companies to achieve their Water Security and Replenishment strategies and that, in parallel, producers can transition to a more efficient and technological agriculture. 

For Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner of GoHub Ventures, the investment in Agrow Analytics means “the reaffirmation of the trust in the team that passed through the former GoHub Ventures acceleration program a year ago and that has become a strategic and innovative partner in terms of water footprint and sustainability“. 

We are excited to continue supporting Agrow Analytics in its mission to lead the sustainable transformation of the agricultural sector and in the creation of a company that will be a benchmark in Europe and Latin America in this sector“, adds Jorge Dobón, founder of Demium Capital.

Jan 30 · 2024 GoHub Ventures

Depasify Closes a €2,2 Million Investment Round Led by GoHub Ventures and JME Ventures

Depasify Closes a €2,2 Million Investment Round Led by GoHub Ventures and JME Ventures

Depasify, the startup that facilitates financial institutions’ entry into the world of digital assets, has raised €2,2 million in its first investment round, led by GoHub Ventures and JME Ventures.

The round, which also included the participation of Actyus, Lanai Capital Partners, and Telefónica through Wayra, will allow the Valencian fintech to boost its growth within the European banking sector and expand its team.

The startup, founded in 2021, offers an extension to traditional banking cores with a focus on digital assets, enabling new business opportunities for institutions without impacting the complexity they already face in this area, making it unique in Europe.

Depasify allows the construction of financial products based on digital assets in a quick and easy way, thus reducing go-to-market times by 80% through a single integration. The infrastructure unites the different stakeholders and orchestrates the entire value chain, focusing not only on technology, but also on regulatory compliance, simplifying transactional reconciliation between both worlds and allowing its customers to focus on what is important in their businesses.

In the words of its CEO and founder, Alberto Martín, “at Depasify we take care of the boring but essential part of digital assets. Financial institutions navigate the triangle between digitization, risk, and speed to market in the best possible way. Our proposal helps them take a step forward to gain capabilities without having to rebuild their entire house.”

The round comes at a time when investment in Web3, according to Crunchbase’s industry analysis, is at its lowest level since 2021, making the round one of the largest in its stage in Spain and materializing Depasify’s potential in the sector.

In such a complex environment as Web3, the presence of solutions like Depasify is essential to simplify and facilitate operations with digital assets. At GoHub Ventures, we firmly believe in Alberto’s vision and experience to unlock the full potential of the startup, and we are confident in boosting its growth by providing our deep technological knowledge and international focus“, says Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner at GoHub Ventures.

Alberto is a founder with excellent technical knowledge and execution skills. His experience in fintech, his background as a programmer, and his vision of the world of digital assets make Depasify well-positioned to become a relevant company in this emerging high-potential sector“, adds Iván Landabaso, Partner at JME Ventures.

Jan 16 · 2024 GoHub Ventures

GoHub Ventures Backs Data Validation and Monitoring Software BaseCap in its Second Consecutive Investment in the U.S.

GoHub Ventures Backs Data Validation and Monitoring Software BaseCap in its Second Consecutive Investment in the U.S.

GoHub Ventures announces its second consecutive investment in the United States. The chosen startup is BaseCap, a data quality company specializing in data validation and monitoring that has raised an $8,2 million Series A round.

This operation is led by two American funds with great expertise in the financial sector, L’Attitude Ventures and Mendon Venture Partners, with GoHub Ventures and Viena-based Cherrypick Ventures as followers.

Through this round, GoHub Ventures reinforces its global strategy based on the commitment to invest in startups with B2B software models. Recently, GoHub Ventures launched its Fund II, endowed with 60 million euros and endorsed by the Securities & Exchange Commission (CNMV).

With growing traction in fintech in the U.S., BaseCap’s software can also be applied to businesses and companies in other verticals, such as health and insurance, given their vast use cases. In the case of a mortgage lender selling loans through the mortgage marketplace, it may happen, that the buyer of such loans uses data in a different format. BaseCap automatically transforms the data, validates its integrity, and saves the client time and money.

Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner at GoHub Ventures, stresses that the fund aims to “identify technologies with enough potential to revolutionize entire industries. And that is exactly what we think BaseCap will achieve with its data automation systems. Led by Steven and Nicolas, this is one of the best teams we have met lately, and we are convinced that the startup has a differentiating platform for hundreds of thousands of financial, insurance, and healthcare companies.”

“We are incredibly excited by the product expertise in enterprise software and the global expansion opportunities that come from partnering with an investor like GoHub”, says Nicolas Guillen, Co-founder and CFO at BaseCap.

This is GoHub Ventures’ second consecutive investment in the United States. A month ago, it unveiled its stake in LifeX Ventures, a $100 million venture capital vehicle heavily focused on longevity and climate tech. Geographic diversification is one of the keys to Fund II, whose base will continue to be B2B SaaS startups specializing in verticals such as AI Enterprise, Web3, Sustainability, Fintech and Insurtech.

May 03 · 2023 GoHub Ventures

GoHub Ventures Invests in UK-based NeuralSpace to Bring Voice AI to All Local Languages Around the World

GoHub Ventures Invests in UK-based NeuralSpace to Bring Voice AI to All Local Languages Around the World

The $1.1 million add-on investment completes NeuralSpace’s Seed round of $2.8 million, which is led by GoHub Ventures and Merus Capital. Further investors are early-stage investor APX, Techstars, Verissimo and a few impactful angels.

The investment will help NeuralSpace to scale its voice AI technology alongside its existing services, which went live as a self-serve toolkit in January 2022 with Language Understanding in 90+ languages, and multiple auxiliary functionalities such as automatic data augmentation, automatic data set conversion (from Rasa, Google Dialogflow and Microsoft LUIS), language detection to capture the language preference of a user automatically, and translation to convert a user’s input whenever needed for additional context.

NeuralSpace now aims to develop the most accurate speech models (both Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech) for locally spoken languages. Furthermore, it develops pre-built end-to-end products such as video localization (or automatic overdubbing), which are combinations of the existing speech and text services that are already live on the NeuralSpace Platform as standalone features.


What is NeuralSpace?

NeuralSpace is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) company specializing in local, or low-resource languages. The NeuralSpace Platform is a collection of proprietary language models that can process up to 100 different languages. The latest funding will be used to double down on the voice AI development at NeuralSpace, which will include building models for mixing languages (such as Arabic-English, Chinese-English, Spanish-English or Hindi-English), and significantly increasing the accuracy of automatic speech recognition (ASR) models in locally spoken languages, compared to current market leaders.

Using the NeuralSpace Platform does not require any machine learning expertise, and all that is needed is a handful of data to train and continuously improve each user’s custom models. The NeuralSpace Platform is a no-code, modular user interface and each of its services, from Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to Entity Recognition, Speech-to-Text, Machine Translation and Transliteration can be taken as a standalone product, even installed on-premise if required. In the end, users only need to connect their custom models with REST APIs.

NeuralSpace’s Co-founder & CEO Felix Laumann points out that “training latest deep learning models accurately on very small data sets, which any local, low-resource language usually suffers from, is a very challenging task because models are usually designed to perform well in English with terabytes of available text and speech data but not in languages with a few hundred megabytes of data.



Private Cloud Deployment

NeuralSpace offers to deploy the NeuralSpace Platform on-premise (or “private cloud”). It has already successfully done this with Hello Ebbot, a Swedish chatbot development company operating in Scandinavian and other European languages, where the NeuralSpace Platform is hosted on infrastructure arranged and provided by Hello Ebbot. It allows Hello Ebbot to comply with GDPR requirements as customer-owned data are not shared or processed outside of the private cloud that is owned by Hello Ebbot and hosted in the European Union.


One-Stop Solution

One of NeuralSpace’s most important propositions for any developer is that all NLP requirements can be fulfilled within one single platform and switching between multiple vendors with different data formats for different NLP-related features is not required anymore. The NeuralSpace Platform provides various NLP-specific services like Language Understanding, Entity Recognition, Machine Transliteration, Transliteration, Speech-to-Text and many more in one place so that developers do not need to think about handling different services, payments, and contracts.



One of the key advantages of the NeuralSpace Platform is its scalability. It is designed in such a way that it can linearly scale to millions of requests every hour, which is achieved by a proprietary compute-load watcher, data allocator, and training scheduler. The scalability is extensively evaluated through load testing techniques by simulating a large number of requests the NeuralSpace Platform receives at the same time, providing statistics around the limits for a given number of model replicas, and providing an estimated cost for the infrastructure required for the given load quantities. Thus, it makes it easy for any developer to assess the economic feasibility of using NeuralSpace without having to go through a lengthy process of experimentation first.

Sep 26 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

GoHub Ventures Enters the Metaverse Investing in Union Avatars

GoHub Ventures Enters the Metaverse Investing in Union Avatars

Union Avatars, a company dedicated to creating avatars for the metaverse, has raised 1,2 million euros in a funding round that has been led by the venture capital manager Inveready and FI Group, a consultancy specialized in advising companies on the management of R&D financing.

In addition, partners such as GoHub Ventures — from the Global Omnium group —, Outlier Ventures — one of the most prestigious Web3 accelerators in the world — , or Inlea have participated in the capital increase. Along with them, other private investors such as Rat Gasol or Carlos Solana have been present, providing credibility and seniority to Union Avatars from the beginning due to his long business career in the world of innovation, digital business and entrepreneurship. The resources obtained will be used mainly for product development, international expansion and talent.

The company, founded in 2020 by Cai Felip and Jordi Conejero, arose from the idea of uniting the real world with the new digital worlds that now converge in the Metaverse. Now Union Avatars is taking a new step towards Web3, that is, the integration of avatars for the metaverse into the blockchain.

Felip has been present in the blockchain world since 2014, long before even the great interest that the term Metaverse has obtained. The Co-founder and CEO of Union Avatars explains that “the big change is to have an avatar that is like a passport to any metaverse and this is possible thanks to this new integration that we are doing with Web3”.blog_fivecommmThis is the reason why the company, located in Barcelona, plans to launch UnionID, an Digital Identity project with which users will be able to have a totally secure identification system with absolute control over their privacy. Felip affirms that “UnionID will be a 100% secure identification card that will allow us to log in to different platforms without exposing our data and to be able to take our digital assets with us from platform to platform while maintaining absolute control of our privacy. Imagine that you can choose different images to show yourself on your social networks or meetings, but you can also take your favourite virtual shirt from one place to another. And all this without anyone being able to know or sell your data’’.

Currently, the team is made up of 22 people and already has more than 30 clients around the world. The main pain is the representation of people in the Metaverse, so the business is mainly based on B2B, although with the integration in Web3 and the UnionID project, the plan is to focus on the final user.

For 2023, the founders anticipate another funding round to continue growing in this incipient universe. The company has recognized advisors such as Jean Clauteaux, former CEO and Zone Manager of L’Oreal; Simonetta Lulli, former Vice President of Habbo; Fraser Edwards, CEO of Cheqd or Carles Reina, who has been part of companies such as Uber, Sonantic o Tractable.

Sep 19 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

Sales Layer Raises $25M Series B Funding from PeakSpan Capital to Expand B2B PIM Platform Globally

Sales Layer Raises $25M Series B Funding from PeakSpan Capital to Expand B2B PIM Platform Globally

Sales Layer, the leading PIM (Product Information Management) SaaS platform provider for B2B, has announced that it has raised $25M in Series B funding, led by PeakSpan Capital with participation from its Series A investors. The funding follows on from the $3,5M raised by Sales Layer’s Series A investors, Swanlaab and Bright Pixel, in 2020.

The Series B will accelerate Sales Layer’s rapid global growth, hiring across all functions while continuing the expansion of international operations. Alongside the evolution of its product roadmap, Sales Layer will continue to reach new customers and increase its presence in the UK and US markets. With 100% growth year-on-year since 2017, Sales Layer will use this investment to solidify its position as the number one PIM solution in the B2B space.

PeakSpan Capital is a growth equity firm based in New York City and San Mateo, CA with a portfolio of high-growth software businesses and over $1.5B in AUM. The investment will support Sales Layer in scaling and evolving within the maturing e-commerce landscape.

Jack Freeman, Partner at PeakSpan Capital comments on the recent investment: “We’ve been tracking the PIM space for several years and know the industry is poised for substantial growth in light of growing product complexity, an explosion of new channels and the continued rise in E-Commerce volume. We identified Sales Layer last year as an emerging player with a clear focus and opportunity to win the B2B PIM space and have since witnessed the business innovate and scale rapidly on a global basis. We’re excited for the future with Sales Layer and see ample opportunities to scale the team, product and customer base further.

Álvaro Verdoy, Founder & CEO of Sales Layer, explained: “PeakSpan was the strongest VC candidate for Sales Layer. Its team had a very elaborate thesis around e-commerce, supply chain and digital transformation, where PIM plays a very important role. Furthermore, PeakSpan’s experience scaling European businesses in the US will help us to accelerate our expansion.

Following Sales Layer’s Series A funding round in 2020 backed by GoHub Ventures, which was launched to scale globally to offer international operations and strengthen its infrastructure, previous investors Swanlaab and Bright Pixel Capital have continued to support the company throughout the expansion.

After closing out the Series B investment round, Sales Layer is excited to play an even greater and more pivotal role in international digital ecommerce.

Jun 29 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

Galgus Raises €4M to Address the High Demand for WiFi Projects in its International Expansion Backed by GoHub Ventures

Galgus Raises €4M to Address the High Demand for WiFi Projects in its International Expansion Backed by GoHub Ventures

The Sevillian smart WiFi technology company accelerates its international expansion due to the high demand for WiFi projects backed by the company’s lead investors GED Capital, Mundi Ventures and GoHub Ventures, and anticipates a larger capital raise by the end of the year.

Galgus, a Sevillian company specialised in the development of intelligent WiFi technology that optimises network performance and provides advanced geolocation analytics, is accelerating its growth by raising 4 million euros in funding.

Galgus technology is present in different scenarios all over the world. From planes and trains, to foootball stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, schools, convention centres, businesses, rural areas and many more.

This financial support comes from what were already Galgus’ main investors: GED Capital (through its Conexo Ventures fund), Mundi Ventures and GoHub Ventures, the corporate venturing arm of Global Omnium, demonstrating the clear commitment to the company’s strategy.

This 4 million is a down payment on a larger financing round that the company expects to close by the end of 2022. In this way, it is getting a very important boost in order to provide its international expansion initiatives with greater resources and thus be able to respond positively to the strong demands of its markets, especially in the USA.

In fact, Galgus has already made significant progress towards becoming a European benchmark in WiFi technology, with major projects in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain. Galgus has also reached partnership agreements with major telecommunications companies, such as Netoip and Around People in Italy, Telefónica and Cellnex in Spain, Wavesight and Icomera in the United Kingdom.

Beyond European borders, Galgus has offices in Latin America (Colombia and Peru), and in the United States, specifically in Boston. This is a declaration of intent regarding its ambitious plan to support digital engagement and help close the digital divide in these areas.

Digital transformation is opening up new opportunities where high quality WiFi connectivity is in high demand. With this boost, we will be able to capture a high volume of international business that will allow us to position ourselves as a global benchmark in the sector. Thanks to our 9 patents, we have a clear competitive advantage, especially in geolocation analytics, well ahead of the leading brands in the sector. We have to take advantage of this to accelerate our international expansion”. José González, CEO and Co-founder of Galgus, points out.

All this is a great recognition of the work being done by Galgus, which has already resulted in 9 international patents and a proprietary technology (Cognitive Hotspot Technology or CHT) that optimises the performance of WiFi networks through the application of artificial intelligence, offering a more reliable WiFi connection in public and private networks.

Galgus also offers a differentiating and award-winning Location Analytics technology, recognised by Gartner for its disruptive potential worldwide. It provides highly accurate device counts and movement patterns for all devices in range of the network, that provide enterprises and cities with the business intelligence needed to optimise their digital engagement efforts.

“Galgus is the right example of the right combination of experience and disruptive talent, essential traits to be at the forefront of new global technologies. A Spanish Startup to demonstrate our capabilities in all world markets that deserves our full support”, highlights Francisco Marín, member of the Board of Galgus, partner of CONEXO, National Award for Innovative Trajectory and former Director General of CDTI.

“Galgus’ innovative technology is perfectly targeted to optimise the skyrocketing growth of WiFi data. The US and other international markets can greatly benefit from this disruptive technology, which can make Galgus a world leader in delivering a better WiFi experience to users,” said Rajeev Singh-Molares, Galgus board member, founder of Mundi Ventures and formerly vice president of Alcatel-Lucent.”

From GoHub Ventures we are betting on Galgus with an accelerated team, product and sales. With this round, it will be able to expand its leadership position in Spain, but above all in the American market as a global standard for intelligent WiFi”, says Patricia Pastor, Managing Director of GoHub Ventures.

With this round of investment, Galgus is setting new growth targets from which it expects to reap new successes, as well as consolidate its existing customers worldwide.

May 19 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

Barbara Raises €2,5M in Funding from Caixa Capital Risc, Iberdrola and GoHub Ventures

Barbara Raises €2,5M in Funding from Caixa Capital Risc, Iberdrola and GoHub Ventures

Caixa Capital Risc, the venture capital arm of CriteriaCaixa and lead investor through its Criteria Venture Tech fund, and Iberdrola, through Perseo, its program for startups to promote the development of technology-based companies, have joined forces to accelerate the digitization of smart grids and cybersecurity with a €2.5 million ($2.6M) investment round in Barbara.

The financing round was also backed by GoHub Ventures, Bizkaia Seed Capital and Basque Fondo which became shareholders of the company in 2020. They completed this fundraising, enabling to implement Barbara’s technology in other industrial sectors with high cybersecurity requirements.

The Spanish startup led by David Purón and Isidro Nistal has created a cybersecure operating system that allows to connect and protect industrial equipment with an anti-hacker shield.

Founded in 2016, Barbara will use this capital injection to consolidate its leadership in the smart grid industry and to expand into new markets in the critical infrastructure sector.

Through its software, the company collects data from sensors and industrial equipment, and runs artificial intelligence algorithms to detect anomalies or automate processes in real time. The system does not require to use the cloud, and significantly reduces the cost of data processing and the risk of cyber-attacks.

Managing the risk of cyber-attacks is key for critical sectors such as electricity, water management, critical infrastructure services, as well as transport and logistics. Barbara already works with clients such as Iberdrola, Cellnex, Grupo Red Eléctrica, Grupo DIA and Global Omnium, among others.

“We want to become the reference for edge computing implementation,” said David Purón, Co-founder and CEO of Barbara. “We already work with multinationals in sectors such as electricity, water management, critical infrastructure and telecommunications. This financing round will allow us to grow in these markets and accelerate our European expansion.

Barbara’s technology allows for real-time processing and data analysis in photovoltaic plants, high and medium voltage grids, as well as substations. It enables the startup to develop new formulas that will accelerate the development of smart grids, positioning Barbara as the leading company in IoT and edge computing deployments within the energy sector.

Roma Jelinskaite, who led the deal on behalf of Caixa Capital Risc, said: I believe that the next phase of Industry 4.0 will focus on edge computing. Industrial companies are increasingly moving away from a centralized cloud model while developing a specific focus on solving security problems and threats. We believe Barbara can become a leading cyber-security industrial edge computing platform provider for industrial companies in the critical infrastructure sector.

Caixa Capital Risc, which is leading this round, is focused on investing in and supporting startups with strong innovation capabilities in cutting-edge B2B markets such as Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity, and in technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, whose application is essential in critical infrastructures worldwide.

Óscar Cantalejo, head of Perseo’s venture capital program, added:The collaboration with Barbara is part of our commitment to the most promising startups through Perseo and helps us reinforce our leadership in the digitization of smart grids, one of the growth vectors of the future. In addition to our equity stake, we will contribute with our expertise in the energy sector to accelerate the growth of the company.

With this investment, Iberdrola is advancing in the digitization of electricity grids, one of the future growth vectors through a direct investment in this startup, with whom it is working on the development of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Energy Transition (IA4TES Artificial Intelligence Missions Project) and with i-DE, Iberdrola’s electricity distribution brand. 

Besides, the energy company is consolidating its relationship with Barbara, which is part of the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub, its own innovation center that aims to lead the energy transition.

May 11 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

Wenalyze Raises €1,7M to Become a Reference for Open Data Analytics in the European Insurtech Framework

Wenalyze Raises €1,7M to Become a Reference for Open Data Analytics in the European Insurtech Framework

Wenalyze –the Spanish InsurTech focused on Open Data Analytics for simplifying insurance processes– has closed a €1,7 million investment round. Athos Capital led the round, with the participation of Bankinter through the Venture Capital Programme developed together with Bankinter Innovation Foundation, astoryaVC –venture capitals focused on InsurTech–, and GoHub Ventures –from the Global Omnium group.

Wenalyze is a digital solution that automatically collects information from Open Data sources to improve efficiency and precision of commercial lines’ risk assessment for the banking and insurance sectors.

Currently, in the insurance industry, more than 50% of SMEs clients’ data at worldwide level are incorrect, outdated or missing. Wenalyze updates, corrects and enriches the data with its technology. As a result, insurance companies and banks can better estimate the policies’ related risks and prices; this, in turn, brings along benefits both in terms of revenues (lower churn from clients because of better pricing) and opex (lower costs thanks to an improved efficiency).

This round will help Wenalyze move forward in grabbing what is considered to be a 2-trillion-Euros opportunity, consolidating its presence in Spain, UK and Germany through clients who are Tier 1 insurers, and even InsurTech players. At the same time, the company aims to keep growing in new European markets.

Carlos Albo, the CEO and Co-founder of Wenalyze, stated that Open Data sources are the new gold for the digital era. For the insurance sector, having data being updated automatically in real-time means not depending on clients filling out complex forms to gather their data, thus speeding up the processes of selling new policies. Most importantly, though, it means that the insurance operator will be able to proactively adapt the product offering to the needs and circumstances that a client has from time to time.

In turn, Fernando Castiñeiras, Managing Partner of Athos Capital, stated that “in spite of the digital revolution that has been happening over the last two decades across many industries, it is striking to see how many inefficiencies still characterise the insurance sector, both amongst traditional and newer players. Wenalyze offers these players the opportunity to increase their efficiency within a segment (that of commercial policies of SMEs) which is key within their portfolios, and yet has very tight margins. We are very proud to be backing the Wenalyze team at this stage, especially given that we are doing so alongside VCs such as Bankinter, astoryaVC and GoHub Ventures”.

Florian Graillot, from astoryaVC, indicated that as underwriting remains key to developing a sustainable insurance business, Wenalyze could help re/insurers supercharge their risk assessment process in commercial lines, with not only a huge amount of data, but most of all focusing on relevant data. And their traction with big names in the market as much as with leading InsurTech players shows how valuable their technology is for corporates. That’s why we are very excited to back the team, to accelerate its development across Europe.

Wenalyze’s founding team has a relevant experience in the insurance industry and has had extensive professional exposure working in large multinationals, both at technological and regulatory levels. Along with the founders, the company counts on a young gender-equal, and very competent team.

Mar 24 · 2022 GoHub Ventures

GoHub Ventures Invests €700,000 in Onirix, the ‘No-code’ AR Startup

GoHub Ventures Invests €700,000 in Onirix, the ‘No-code’ AR Startup

Onirix, the startup specialized in developing augmented reality (AR) content, has just closed a financing round of 700,000 euros led by GoHub Ventures, the venture capital fund associated to the Global Omnium group.

Throughout its first operation so far in 2022, GoHub Ventures strengthens its commitment to B2B SaaS models and emerging technologies such as no-code/low-code. The investment will allow Onirix to increase its investment in R&D and to position itself as a benchmark in AR content creation platforms.

The startup has developed a platform with technology no code that allows anyone to create augmented reality content intuitively and without prior knowledge of programming.

Through its no-code solution, Onirix makes it easy to create and publish any type of augmented reality content without the need to write lines of code. In addition, it manages to measure the impact and response of its audience. Thanks to its technology and its intuitive interface, the user has maximum autonomy to create the content they want, without having to worry about how to develop it.

Currently, the tool is used by important firms in the tourism, hospitality, retail and marketing agencies sectors, as well as large corporations such as Red Eléctrica de España, EDP, Capital Energy, Red Cross, Unilever or KPMG.

Pedro Sáez, CEO of Onirix: “We were looking for someone who understood deeptech, didn’t think in the short term and from whom we could also learn. Someone who would follow us in future rounds and be a benchmark in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. And all of this is fulfilled by GoHub Ventures We are fortunate to bring into our ‘family’ a partner that we are sure we will feel comfortable with, and push Onirix to a new level”.

Patricia Pastor, Managing Director of GoHub Ventures: “We invest in Onirix not only because we are convinced that augmented reality is a key technology that will have a direct impact on all areas of society, but also because we are committed to low code or nocode tools as the key that will allow us to move away from the vision of technical talent as a scarce commodity. Thanks to Onirix, the industry will have a greater offer and quality when it comes to providing AR services”.

Feb 10 · 2022 GoHub Ventures