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Why GoHub Ventures Invests in Depasify: Web3 Game Changer

Why GoHub Ventures Invests in Depasify: Web3 Game Changer

GoHub Ventures is thrilled to share the inner-history on one of our fund’s most recent operations: investing in Depasify, a rising star in the financial technology landscape. Join us on this article to understand why we invested in Depasify and co-led its first investment round raising €2,2M on a deal involving JME Ventures and other players such as Actyus, Lanai Capital Partners, and Wayra (Telefónica).


Depasify: Digital Financing Made Easy

Depasify allows the construction of financial products based on digital assets in a quick and easy way, thus reducing go-to-market times by 80% through a single integration. The infrastructure unites the different stakeholders and orchestrates the entire value chain, focusing not only on technology, but also on regulatory compliance, simplifying transactional reconciliation between both worlds and allowing its customers to focus on what is important in their businesses.

In the words of the mastermind behind the company, Alberto Martín (CEO and Founder at Depasify), “we take care of the boring but essential part of digital assets. Financial institutions navigate the triangle between digitization, risk, and speed to market in the best possible way. Our proposal helps them take a step forward to gain capabilities without having to rebuild their entire house.

Depasify’s founder considers traditional core banking systems and their institutions as “sort of archaic” while his solution delivers “new capabilities without adding technical debt to the existing systems.


GoHub Ventures Motives for Investing in Depasify

As an early-stage VC fund investing in B2B SaaS startups you need to open your mind and think different when analyzing dealflow, specially in seed stage. 

That’s the case of our deal with Depasify. We didn’t walk away due to an absence of metrics and traction. It didn’t scare us talking to a solopreneur founded company. Market fit? Just not yet… 

Instead, we saw potential on Alberto’s knowledge and past experience within fintech and banking digitalization. For a year, we followed up monthly, built a relationship and tracked progress of Depasify’s MVP. It was his huge commitment with his vision together with market opportunity, scalability and exit potential what convinced us. All in all, GoHub Ventures is the believer behind the believers. 

Of course digital banking is a growing trend, but that’s not a guarantee of success. Execution is key. We believe Alberto’s network, experience, and understanding of the industry will make a difference together with GoHub Ventures deep technological knowledge and international focus. 

This deal comes at a moment of defrost for fintech investment, a tipping point for digital assets after a couple years of ‘incubation’. Depasify is already experiencing growing interest from companies plugging into their solution such as DeFi (Decentralized Finance) startups, crypto traders, banks, credit institutions… going from 0 to +$1Bn annual turnover processed. 

Once Depasify’s infrastructure is adopted, this sort of solutions are sticky due to a high degree of technological value despite their easy integration, plus facilitating a removal of compliance and licencing. 


Hear It From the Lead Investors: GoHub Ventures and JME Ventures

We are happy to share our reasons to team up with Depasify and see that GoHub Ventures is not the only VC or investor holding these motives. Iván Landabaso, Partner at JME Ventures (also lead investor on this deal), expressed that “Alberto is a founder with excellent technical knowledge and execution skills.” He believes that “his experience in fintech, his background as a programmer, and his vision of the world of digital assets make Depasify well-positioned to become a relevant company in this emerging high-potential sector.

On our side, Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner at GoHub Ventures, thinks that “in such a complex environment as Web3, the presence of solutions like Depasify is essential to simplify and facilitate operations with digital assets.” At GoHub Ventures, “we firmly believe in Alberto’s vision and experience to unlock the full potential of the startup, and we are confident in boosting its growth by providing our deep technological knowledge and international focus.

If you wish to know more on Web3, stay tuned for a new edition of GoHub Ventures ‘Tech Unpacked’. Our second event of this new series of gatherings around tech trending topics will cover ‘Fintech Goes Web3: Wallets, Nodes & Transfers in a Real-World Setting’. No need to say Depasify’s CEO will be one of the main speakers along with Felipe Talavera, former VP of Engineering at the unicorn Flywire, the first ever Spanish startup to go public on the Nasdaq.

May 05 · 2024 Pablo Perea Head of Investments