Why GoHub Ventures Invests in Kenmei (Again): Leading Telco with GenAI

The telecommunications sector is undergoing a period of significant transformation. Traditional telcos, once focused on voice calls and basic internet access, are now bracing for the demands of a hyper-connected world. The rise of 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have created a complex environment where efficiency, agility, and data-driven insights are essential.

This is where startups like Kenmei are making their mark. By using the power of cutting-edge technology like AI, particularly the emerging field of Generative AI (GenAI) to extract knowledge and information from fully transactional data, Kenmei has been developing since its foundation solutions that address the specific challenges faced by telcos.

Four Million Euros Series A to Lead AI in Telco

The Valencian-based company Kenmei recently closed a Series A funding round worth four million euros led by Andorra Telecom and accompanied by GoHub Ventures, with the contribution of the Institut Valencià de Finances (IVF). This round will help the startup position itself as a major tech company in the telecommunications sector by accelerating the development of its software and increasing its international market presence.

Kenmei offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) called ADELE® based on Big Data and Multi-Cloud technologies capable of processing billions of connections and data from mobile networks. This data is processed by proprietary AI algorithms that automate the management, planning, and optimization processes of the networks.

By applying AI to data, this promising SaaS company reduces by one-third issues such as interference analysis, energy consumption optimization, anomalies management, and procedures digitalization, among others.

The Series A round comes at a time when telcos are actively seeking ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience, making Kenmei’s proposition very attractive worldwide.

What Makes Kenmei Unique in the Sector

Reinforcing GoHub Ventures’ investment in a startup like Kenmei is no surprise to anyone: we like challenges and we like even more founders that dare to face giants in their sector and can win the game with their innovative solutions.

As of today, Kenmei has a 12% market potential, has two major telecommunication companies as clients, and is in active discussions with four more that are almost ready to be closed. This traction demonstrates the strong demand for the startup’s software and its potential to become a global leader in AI-powered telco operations.

Unlike its competitors such as Nokia or Ericsson, Kenmei’s AI solution boasts multi-platform compatibility, integrating to perfection with existing telco infrastructure. A flexibility that makes Kenmei’s solution more readily adoptable by telcos around the world.

Since its foundation in 2018, Kenmei has been using Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI algorithms to assist mobile operators in handling their networks. With its newest GenAI application, the startup is able to simplify complex operational tasks and provide actionable insights that empower telcos to optimize their processes, as well as reduce manual errors and costs. The company is one of the very few in the market that can do it because of its capability to structure data properly.

Investing in Founders with Cutting-Edge Solutions 

Kenmei’s founders, Vicent Soler, Javier Grau, and Javier López, boast a powerful combination of deep industry knowledge and relentless entrepreneurial spirit. They are all experts in the telco sector and have successfully navigated the startup landscape, achieving multiple exits.

The startup has proven capable of operating efficiently and has been able to generate traction from Valencia, growing with a talented international team. As Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner at GoHub Ventures, stated: “We are convinced that this round in a capital-efficient company with positive EBITDA is the necessary boost to lead the market.

Kenmei possesses a wide global vision, with a particular focus on the Middle East market, where they are growing thanks to its solution’s adaptability to cloud or on-premise deployments.

Besides its strong founding team, efficiency, and international focus, what makes GoHub Ventures bet on Kenmei is its technology’s scalability and potential. The startup’s solutions are versatile. They can be applied to any industry that generates large volumes of data per minute. This opens up a wide range of new verticals to explore, what translates into a big growth opportunity.

An example of this is the defense sector, which Kenmei is already working on and where significant effort will be invested. The startup already has several proposals on the table to apply its technology to the sector due to the recent increase in interest and the nature of the industry itself, where data is king.

Sara Sanjuan

Head of Marketing & Comms